Noisy Clay was a collaborative workshop ran with Frances Gibson in which we invited children to create
clay sculptures that made sound, took the form of musical objects and used mixing and spinning to
sculpturally connect clay and music making. Album covers were designed as were prototype vinyls, 
clay discs were made with the spinning motion of the potters wheel and ‘scratching’ given a new context.


Paper prototypes were made introducing the children to the idea of sound being something physical,
like a mark, scratch or wave that vibrates with a material. 

Other clay workshops I have designed and delivered with Rochester Square Ceramic studio have 
included hand building projects, creative story telling with clay to make props and characters to be in 
videos collaboratively made with a young audience. 

These sessions have involved moments for the children to share and present their ideas, critically 
considered sculptural making and enjoy the tactile nature clay has to offer.