Circuit boards, 2023

Paper pulp, machine parts, aluminium mesh

Machine? Machine! (Installation view), 2023

A collaborative exhibition with artists Tom James and Declan Leslie forged from a series of workshops with young people from Village and Swiss Cottage school.
Camden Art Centre, London.

Machine? Machine! told the story of a speculative machine of unknown origin and function in a display of peculiar hybrid artefacts that bear the mark of outmoded machinery and human touch.

The exhibition was produced by pupils from Swiss Cottage School and The Village School in close collaboration with artists Declan Leslie, Lucie Macgregor and Tom James. The programme combined the artists’ shared desire to reuse materials, subvert technology and experiment alongside the pupils’ interests in locomotion, science fiction and deconstruction.

Machine? Machine! showcased the unexpected outcomes from a year of experimentation that included dismantling appliances, collaging blueprints, making mechanisms and more. The exhibition presents an informal blueprint for collaboration and an eerie vision of the future where everyday waste and remnants of “cutting-edge” technology combine.

Machine? Machine! was developed in partnership with ActionSpace.

Village and Swiss Cottage school students and staff infront of Blueprint, 2023 with artists Tom and Lucie on the exhibition opening July 2023. 

Detail of Circuit boards, 2023

One of the weekly sessions, making a cardboard waste shute with the young people.

Listening (and dancing) to the paper vinyls made in the workshops with students Reuben and Kieron.