Fragile Lands consisted of 10 months of workshops occuring during school half term holidays between October 2022 - July 2023 at Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. Curated into a collaboration with another artist, me and Laura Ribbons worked together to plan and deliver a series of connected artworkshops deriving materials from the local, coastal environment. Sessions fluctuated between solo and duo led formats, the drawing studio at the gallery enabled us to work with large numbers of families and co-create ambitious and large scale installations. Spanning from the generation of an ethical material library, projected seascapes brought the digital to static drawing, we supported intergenerational groups to make together. 

Co-facilitated workshops with artist Laura Ribbons at Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, UK 2023.

Monoprinting occured from unexpected spillages, marks repeated, grew and shrunk as did the making space. 


Children worked together to make collaborative pieces of paper from recycled paper fragments. 


The material library offered two versions of the making resources available for the participants to interact with.


The collection of these outdoor materials was documented in the video which can be seen below and this was projected into the drawing studio and built upon and transformed into a collaborative installation.