Over the months of January - April 2022, I faciliated a series of workshops with school children at Grange Primaru School in Bermonsdey, London with Drawing Room. As part of the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Programme, I designed and delivered subsquentual sessions that invited the children to consider collaborative making. Titled ‘Everybody Everyone’ the group took part in a range of activities including the transformation of emotions through mark making and paper pulping, the creation of shared scrapbooks, drawing with melting sculptures and making group artworks. This project resulted in the creation of a publication that I designed with the collection of images, words and conversations documented over the sessions and then this was gifted back to all the children and teachers that participated. 

A school pupil holding the collaborative pamphlet Everybody Everyone with Drawing Room, 2022.

A section of the pamphlet that encouraged the pupils to custimise and continue making beyond the workshop project. 

Everybody Everyone pamphlet on display in the school library. 

Ice sculptures became melted drawings during this chilly Feburary session that turned the playground into the art studio, more about this specific workshop can be seen here. 

The group drawing with untraditional drawing materials such as tape, making as a collective rather than individual, more info about these sessions can be accessed here.

Paper pulping became a familiar making process which the children navigated making as a group, transforming their drawn out feeling through a restorative, sculptural gesture. 

These sessions hosted various forms of collaboration resulting in a series of artist books, collaborative pamphlets and publiction. Above is one made by one of the participating school children, below is a poem collaboratively wrote with another ROCK PAPER SCISSOR artist whilst we shared debrief sessions and parralelled workshops taking part at the same time with two different groups in the same school.

Art is in your hair! (2021)

A poem written collaboratively by Sadegh and Lucie and distributed amongst primary school students at Grange Primary School as part of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS with Drawing Room Gallery.

Some of the children’s scrapbooks made at the end of the project and displayed in the school assembly hall during a celebration event and in the schools library,

The Expanded Scrapbook CPD Session that I designed and delivered with the Drawing Room for teachers at Grange school and other local South London schools. This became a printed pamphlet (see below).