Reusing silicone moulds from a remote series of workshops that occured during the lockdown (find ‘Moulding memories’ here), the act of making a sculpture casts was reclaimed into the creation of (rather chilly) drawing tools. Working with children from Grange Hill Primary School in Bermonsdey, London and DRAWING ROOM, we turned the playground into an artist studio.

A fridge became the unlikely harbour for ink, charcoal and painted marks to be frozen and melted over a long piece of paper, with the children exploring the temporal nature of an art tool that changes quickly over time. 

Hosting a safe space for risk and challenge to be sensitively encountered, the collaborative artwork behaved as a process based act referencing Francis Alÿs perfomative work Sometimes making something leads to nothing (1997).

Unveiling the ice sculptures from the fridge, not a usual playground toy...


The workshop understandbley created a lot of marks beyond the paper and onto the playground tarmac. With the support of workshop assistant Solomon, we devised a side activity for the children to collect the additional marks (and helpful aid to the clean up!) creating a continuing art process from the initial activity.