A walk down memory lane, 2020 - 2021

Moulding Memories with The Children’s Art School and twelve KS1 & KS2 schools based in Kirklees.

During the lockdowns, I developed a mould making workshop to be dispersed between schools in my home county, West Yorkshire. The paper-pulping activity encouraged particpants from twelve schools to gather recycable materials, drawings, writing and collage, using paper against it’s expected flat format and reconstructing layers of paper into bricks. Supporting the expressive process through poetry and story-telling workshops, the collaboration aimed to hand over curation and creative control to the children taking part, enabling them to decide on the images and words to be hidden or revealed within the sculptures. The very act of recognising and releasing emotions through image and word association, therapeutic making in this exchange highlighted the feeling of the younger generation in the face of a global pandemic.

Arranged in a pavement-like formation, together over distance and covid restrictions the collaborative artwork has recently been installed in the Children’s Biennale in Huddersfield Town Centre, at Bagshaw Museum in Batley and in the RA School Summer Show 2021.