Newspaper worm, 2020 - 2021

30 x 70 x 55 cm

Exhibited in ‘After the Rain’ with Eastcheap Projects, Letchworth Garden City, UK (2020) and in ‘WSP32’ with Gallery No.32 in Bexely, SE London, UK (2021).

Re-exhibited one year later, Newspaper Worm
wriggled beyond the inside walls and braved the
January winter in an old apple orchard in which  
Gallery No.32 is located. From Letchworth to
Bexley, the sculpture encountered the shifting
seasons of a rather rainy and snowy start to 2021.

After a month being situated outdoors, the
ceramic tiles had moved physically due to the
piece of land they were placed upon filled with
water from heavy rain. With the weathering
elements behaving as a collaborator, my return
to the work brought me an artwork very much
thriving with worms, fresh weeds protrouding
through it’s gaps and new bleeds of colour on
the ceramics surface.

After the snow arrived and melted away, the sculptures
pieces became reponsitioned by the weather. In this case, 
Winter became my collaborator, find more info here.